Sierra Cebollera Nature Park (La Rioja)

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The Sierra Cebollera Nature Park, created in March 1995, is 50 km south of Logroño, in the Cameros area. This beautiful park, the first protected area in La Rioja, extends along more than 23,000 h. It includes a broad variety of animal and plant species, including vast wooded areas in an excellent state of conservation. The numerous examples of glacial reliefs are one of the most representative in the peninsula. 

The vast wild areas include specimens of the Pinus sylvestis, Quercus petraea, Pinus uncinata, beeches, oaks as well as birches, holm oaks, pines and holly trees. Specimens of the Ulmus glabra, limes, maples, elms, yews and ash trees are scattered throughout the park.

Sierra Cebollera has a rich fauna including birds of prey such as goshawks, sparrow hawks, falcons, specimens of the Buteo buteo, eagles (Circaëtus gallicus, Hieraëtus pennatus) and owls (Strix aluco). The high areas of the park are the habitat of partridges (Perdix perdix). The mammals are represented by foxes, wild boars, deers, squirrels and wildcats. The rivers are home to otters and the Galemys pyrenaicus.

At Villoslada, a nearby municipality, is set the Centro de Interpretación del Parque Natural. This centre provides audio-visual materials and educational activities about the natural resources of the area. At San Andrés there is a exhibition of the traditional tools and instruments that were used by the inhabitants of the Cameros area, where is located the Sierra Cebollera.