Monastery de San Benito/ Abadía de Dominos Santos of Sahagun

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The Capilla de San Mancio, which was dedicated to San Benito according to the engraving commemorating the consecration of the altar by the Bishop of Astorga in 1184.

The tower, on one side of the monastery chancel. There used to be another twin tower, the remains of which can still be seen to the left of the existing one; it was destroyed on May 13th 1835, a few days before its inauguration after restoration. On the surviving tower the clock of the Villa had been installed, which prevented it from suffering the same fate.

The Arco de San Benito, was the south portal of the church. Nowadays the road passes through it as if it were a triumphal arch. The work of Don Eduardo Saavedra, dating from 1662; decorated in Doric style, it contains the royal coat-of-arms and several statues and engravings.

Monasterio de San Benito / Abadía de Dominos Santos de Sahagun
Century:  12th Century Year:  1184

Torre del Reloj
Province:  León
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