Monastery church of St. Martín Pinario

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The Monastery church of St. Martín Pinario, overlooking S. Martiño Square, is part of the historical and architectural heritage of Santiago de Compostela. It was built over a Medieval cloister and was consecrated in 1105 by Bishop Gelmírez. On the west façade of the abbey predominate the cornices, which show gargoyles, and the Plateresque front, composed like an altarpiece, with statues and reliefs. It is flanked by two tower-shaped structures, with pilasters, balconies and superior arcades.

The church has a cross-shaped ground plan, with a beautiful cupola and communicating side chapels. The transept is lit by a semicircular dome. The main aisle is covered by coffered barrel vaulting decorated with vegetal motifs. The Socorro Chapel, the second on the epistle side, stands under the cupola and a lantern.

The chancel of the temple is rectangular. It contains Baroque stalls and valuable retables from the 18 C. The high altar retable was inspired by the baldachin of the Basilica of St. Peter, in Rome. The retables dedicated to St. Benedict and the Virgin Mary, both located in the transept, include niches and reliefs. The high altar is presided by a tabernacle housing carvings of the Apostle Santiago.

The Monastery church also includes the Oratory of St. Felipe Neri. This rectangular work of architecture is covered by coffered barrel vaulting. The ground plan of the splendid Sacristy, built in the 17 C, has the shape of a greek cross, and is covered by a coffered cupola.

The Processions Cloister, from the 18 C, consists of bays between semicircular arcades separated by columns over podiums. The second floor has balconies and oval oculi, and is crowned by a projecting cornice and pinnacles.

The bell turret has a rectangular plan. Its pyramid roof includes pinnacles, scrolls and balusters.