The Burgos Museum

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The Burgos Museum -the former Province Archeological Museum- is housed in the Casa Miranda Palace, a Renaissance mansion built by Juan de Vallejo, ordered by Francisco de Miranda, abbot of Salas and canon of Burgos in 1545. The museum is divided in two sections, housed in separate buildings.

The Archeological Department contains finds discovered in the province: Paleolithic objects from Atapuerca -there is a temporary exhibition on the excavations, titled "Atapuerca. One Million Years"- and Ojo Guareña, from the Iron Age necropolis of Miraveche, Ubierna and Villanueva de Teba as well as Roman finds from Clunia. 

The Fine Arts Department, housed in the Casa Angulo, contains works of art covering from the Mozarabic period to the 20C. Among them is the 12C Frontal of Santo Domingo, the 11C Hispano-Moorish Casket or the Tomb of Juan Padilla. The collection of painting includes works of Berruguete, Picardo and others artists from the 15 and 16C. The Baroque period is represented by Rizzi, Palomino and Mateo Cerezo. There are also Medieval enamel and ivory items, as well as coins and medals. The 19-20C collection displays works by artists from the Burgos region.

Burgos Museum

Casa de Miranda y Casa de Angulo

Calera,25 - 09002 BURGOS - Tel. (947) 26 58 75

Closed Saturday and Sunday (afternoon) and public holidays.