Museum of Santiago Cathedral

The Museum of Santiago Cathedral is located in the west side of the cloisters of Santiago Cathedral. Access to the museum is via the Plaza de Obradoiro. The collection consists of important archeological finds, sculptures, paintings, gold and silversmiths, tapestries, carpets, liturgical clothes, ceramics and furniture.

There is also a library that includes a documentary collection of incalculable value, including the Codex Calixtinus or the Liber Sancti Jacobi, Los Tumbos, The History of Compostela and an infinity of unique documents about the history of Galice and, especially, the church of Compostela.

The collection occupies different rooms displaying an important collection of tapestries made on cartoons by Ginés de Aguirre, Teniers, Rubens, Van Tulden, Bayeu and Goya. A room is dedicated to Goya, diplaying twelve tapestries made at the royal Santa Bárbara Factory of Madrid. Two of them are unique: The Fountain and The Little Boy of the Handcart.

The rooms on the ground floor show the different stages of the construction on the Cathedral. They also contain the remains from old façades of the Basilica, Romanesque cloisters and the elements that were displaced during the Baroque period. The beautiful sculptures are worthy of note.

In the room that houses the library, two versions of the Botafumeiro are displayed; one from Losada, made in 1851 to replace the former one that had been taken by the French in 1809, and another made in Madrid by Sacra Molina Handicrafts in 1971. Visitors are amazed to watch the huge incense burner being swung along the transept of the Cathedral by the "Tiraboleiros".

The library is situated in a beautiful 18C room. Its contents were donated by the canon Maestrescuela and Vicar-general of the Archbishopry and, later, Minister of Carlos IV, Don Pedro Acuña Malvar and by Don Diego Juan de Ulloa.


Tel: 981 560 527 / Fax: 981 563 366

Visiting hours: 10.30am-1.30pm / 4-7pm

Charge: 500 ptas.