Diocesan Museum (Pamplona)

  • museo catedralicio y diocesano

Founded in 1960 -and restored in 1995-, the Diocesan Museum occupies some rooms adjoining the Cathedral, such as the refectory, the kitchen and the cellarer´s chamber of the old community of canons. It displays religious objects from extinct parish churches or churches that do not offer the conditions for their conservation. 

The refectory shows carvings of the Virgin, executed in the Romanesque and Gothic styles, from the 12-15 C. There are also several paintings on board and statues of Medieval saints from the 15 and 16 C. The collection of carvings include Renaissance works from the 16 and 17 C, along with Baroque works from the 17 and 18 C.

The kitchen contains didactic panels about the art and history of the Cathedral and the Cloisters. The cellarer´s chamber treasures a collection of smitheries from the temple and other Navarrese parish churches. Among the most remarkable are the great Crucifix by Juan Bazcardo, from the 17 C and some chests along with ivory objects.

Visitors can also view the Reliquary of the Holy Sepulchre, from the 13 C; and that of the Lignum Crucis, from the 14 C. Both reliquaries, created in the Gothic style, are decorated with enamelings. The Gospel book from the 16 C has silver flyleaves. The museum also features a Processional Cross of San Juan Baptiser; an ivory crucifix from the 18 C, from the sacristy of the Cathedral; and the Reliquary of Santa Espina, from the 15 C. There are silver processional crosses from the 14 and 18 C. The painting collection includes Retables by Peralta, Van Dyck and the German Gothic "Las Navas".

The visit to the museum gives access to the Cloister, the Barbazana Chapel and the Cathedral, where stands the sepulchre of Carlos III the Noble and his queen, Doña Leonor. The temple also contains the Romanesque image of Santa María la Real, and many retables and sculptures.

Diocesan Museum (Tel.: 948 210 827)

Visiting Hours:

10am-1.30pm and 4-6pm.

From 1 May-31 October: 10am-1.30pm and 4-7pm

From 15 July-15 September: 10am-7pm

Closed Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Public Holidays.