Bierzo Museum, Ponferrada

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Ponferrada, apart from its monuments, offers some museums, such as the recently founded Bierzo Museum. It is located in a building that served as a jailhouse in the past. The patio, a place for the relaxation of visitors, is an example of the traditional architecture in the Bierzo area.

It contains an old tank. The ground floor shows Prehistoric items, from the Low Paleolithic to the end of the Roman Empire. The tools are among the most interesting: metallic, ceramic...

One of the rooms is solely devoted to an unkown culture, which was very important in this Community, the Iberian-Roman culture. In León there are more than 120 Fortified Iberian-Roman Areas.

The Route to Santiago also has a place in the museum. The development of the Route, that began in the 11C, has left its mark all over León, including Ponferrada. This influence is reflected in architecture, sculpture, smithery and painting. The Castle situated in this beautiful town is a good example of the cultural influence of the Route.

One of the rooms in the museum displays works of art from the 16 and 17 C. It contains artistic pieces, items related to industrial and economic development of the area, and a vast collection of cartographic maps. The 19 C collection includes, the machinery of the clock of the Ponferrada tower. The economic development of the area is represented by objects connected with mining. Finally, the Bierzo Museum devotes some rooms to geomorphology, the landscape, the fauna and flora. There is also a library concerning the local historic heritage, that can only be visited by investigators.

Bierzo Museum

C/ del Reloj, 5 - 24400 Ponferrada, León (Tel./Fax: 987 414 141)

Visiting Hours


4.30-8pm (October to April)

5-8.30pm (May to September)

Sunday and Public Holidays: 11am-2pm

Closed on Monday.