Las Tuerces

  • las tuerces

Las Tuerces is a natural site of unquestionable beauty located in the Northeast of Palencia, in the Páramos de la Lora, at the junction of the Cordillera Cantábrica range and the sediments of the Duero basin. It covers a total area of 782 ha. Its relief was a result of different processes caused by Karstic phenomena. 

The whimsical rock formations have been formed over the centuries by erosion. A labyrinth of huge stone blocks, natural bridges and archs, large stone mushrooms, narrow passages and shady caves make up a magic scenery where anything could happen. The mysterious landscape is covered with holm oaks, junipers and rock plants of interest. The fauna is represented mainly by diverse birds of prey.Las Tuerces is a geological site, characteristic of Palencia´s mountainous mass.

Any of the local roads that run from Aguilar de Campoo through the Páramos de la Lora lead to this natural enclave. Las Tuerces lies on a hill, with the village of Villaescusa nestling below.

Numerous caverns can be found hollowed out of the limestone mountainsides. In some of them have been discovered archaelogical remains from the Bronze Age. The unusual relief of the rocks allows the practice of "boulder", a climbing variety that is carried out at low altitudes without using ropes.

Las Tuerces is also a botanical paradise where a wide variety of wild flowers grow.