Luis Carandell

The famous journalist and writer Luis Carandell is on the list of famous pilgrims that have traversed the Route to Santiago. As a result of his experiences, the journalist born in Barcelona in 1929, wrote two books: "El Camino de Santiago" (1991), and "Ultreia: Historias y Leyendas, Gracias y Desgracias del Camino de Santiago" (1998).

He has also given lectures on the topic. During his lecture at the Association of Friends of the Route in Logroño, Carandell approached the historical and cultural significance of the Route over its history. He also explained the influence of the Route on the sorrounding areas, and the historical events that took place throughout its millenary history.

The contents of this lecture are included in the above-mentioned book "Ultreia: Historias y Leyendas...". The interjection "Ultreia", which expresses happiness, was the word said by pilgrims on their arrival in Santiago. Showing his delicate sense of humour, the writer tells his adventures along the mythical Route.

In an entertaining style, humorous and ironic at the same time, the book discovers what pilgrims can find and what they may need over such a long and strenous journey. It also describes the places through which passes the Route, and tells popular legends recalled by their inhabitants. The author also describes the troubled entry into the Cathedral of an excessive number of pilgrims with the same intention.

This distinguished journalist has produced other books such as "Vivir en Madrid", "Vida y Milagros de Monseñor Escrivá de Balaguer", "Los Españoles", "Celtiberia Show", "Se Abre la Sesión", "Tus Amigos no te Olvidan", "Ultreia", "Las Habas Contadas" and his autobiography "El Día Más Feliz de mi Vida, las Memorias de Luis Carandell".

Carandell was granted the Golden Medal to Merits of Work, on account of the 50 years he has devoted to journalism. He has worked in Press, Radio and Television. As a special correspondent, this journalist has witnessed important historical events of Modern Times. He has been a correspondent in Egypt, Japan, the old Soviet Union and other countries in the Near East.