Three Roman military roads once converged at this spot, which today has a population of 231 and forms part of the municipality of Santas Martas. It is traditionally held to be the site of the Roman city of Pallantia, which Ptolemy named ‘Paelontium’. This hamlet features the adobe houses that are part of León’s traditional architecture. A popular saying goes ‘From Reliegos to Mansilla is the league of Castile’, which is the old Castilian distance of 5572.70 m.


-Parish Church of San Cornelio and San Cipriano. The interior conserves a superb Gothic carving from the uninhabited village  of Escarbayosa. Also of considerable value are the Baroque carvings of Saint Anthony the Abbot, Saint Lazarus dressed asa pilgrim, the patron saints Saint Cornelius and Saint Cyprian, and the Christ that presides over the head of the church.