When Charlemagne, in his advance south along the Way of St James, was close to the Garzini hill (Monjardín), he was informed that a Navarre leader called Furro or Furré was ready to fight him.

Before going into battle, Charlemagne asked God to give him a sign to indicate which of his soldiers would be killed during the affray and, at his request, heaven responded by marking a red cross on the arms of one hundred and fifty French warriors.

Charlemagne, taking pity on these French soliders, decided to leave them at the camp, hidden in the royal tent. After killed Furro and his three thousand Navarran warriors, Charlemagne returned to the camp only to discover that the camp had caught fire and that the one hundred and fifty soldiers left behind had perished.

From the book "Curiosidades del Camino de Santiago". by Juan Ramón Corpas Mauleon. Published by Edilesa