Monastery church of St. Martín Pinario

The Monastery church of St. Martín Pinario, overlooking S. Martiño Square, is part of the historical and architectural heritage of Santiago de Compostela. It was built over a Medieval cloister and was consecrated in 1105 by Bishop Gelmírez. On the west façade of the abbey predominate the cornices, which show gargoyles, and the Plateresque front, composed like an altarpiece, with statues and reliefs. It is flanked by two tower-shaped structures, with pilasters, balconies and superior arcades.

The Monastery of San Juan de la Peña

The Monastery of San Juan de la Peña is one of the oldest monasteries that can be found along the Route to Santiago. It is located near Jaca, the former capital of the Kingdom of Aragón. Originally, it was a refuge for the christians that were pursued during the Muslim invasion. Some of the christians that escaped from the Arab troops in Zaragoza, founded a group of small chapels that were the origin of the Monastery. In the year 842 the Monastery was rebuilt by Sancho Garcés, and then consecrated.

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